Hair Weaving in Hyderabad

Hair Weaving in Hyderabad

In our routine life, we observe hundreds of people who are worried about of lack of confidence they show, that’s because of their baldness. Baldness provides a panic situation & that reduces the passion to lead there routine life. To solve this issue, some strategies are required to be implemented viz, hair replacement.

The hair replacement is an easy process of including synthetic hair or a part of the extra natural hair that may provide volume & opaque the areas which expect not to be getting exposed. The easy process of hair replacement can be executed in 3 various ways, the hair bonding, hair weaving & clip system.

The hair weaving process is the plaiting of the hair into thin pinch plaits that are very normal in the current scenario. The hair weaving begins with little & thin part of the hair. The weaving can be processed on increases hair along with human hair. The wig can be weaved including natural hair to have a completely grown volume & length.

The hair weaving process creates a plaited structure on the head that exhibits very attractive. Including plaited hair, the artificial hairs can also be utilized for various looks or hairstyle together.

Wigs Designs has enabled in the past for thousands of people to get the confidence & a stylish look with its exclusive hair replacement services, accessories & products. Our goal is to facilitate you to have fun with their sizzling hair. Our products & solutions are aimed to facilitate you to have elegant, real looking hair.

This non-surgical process creates the quality exhibiting result with every non-surgical methods, it is unidentifiable by naked eye & by feel to some level. Hair weaving gives the comfortability to cure any part of baldness from big to small.

The customer has an issue of hair thinning or having the problem of baldness can select this choice as will not affect your natural hair since the solution can be altered to the particular areas. Hair weaving gives a flexible lifestyle solution as it requires to be eliminated only when treatment is required & it is flexible when you go to bed while taking bath to other activity that one may carry out when they have their natural hair.

There are a lot of advantages of hair weaving. It is a non-surgical, non-attacking process which is non-panic for the customer. It is also faster & reasonable than other baldness treatment like a hair transplant.

With this, you will also get hair weaving made from non-medical experts that creates it relatively economical. You can gain more hair density with the facility of hair weaving. The process has been utilized by film stars & others in the media, which also makes it famous.

We have an expert in hair treatment will execute by observing your hair condition & study properly. Our staff will understand the hair thinning areas & reasons for baldness prior to giving advice for the next proceedings. Subsequent of the study, we will select the proper hair treatment that can solve the issue of the customer.

We will choose the stylish & unidentifiable hair systems that are analogous to your normal hair that will opaque the part of the baldness. Subsequent to the implementation of the hair strand, you can grab a fast solution to your baldness. If you are seeking hair weaving in Hyderabad contact Wigs Deigns leading hair studio in Bangalore.

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Hair Weaving In Detail

Are you willing to try something new with your hair? How about getting your hair weaved? Hair weaving is a remarkable way of naturally adding growth or length to your hair to try out new hairdos. The best part of hair weaving is that it gives your hair a soothing opportunity to relax, and grow naturally.

As hair weaving is an instant hair growing technique, it has gained immense popularity amongst the people nowadays and is rapidly replacing hair transplant surgery. Before trying out hair weaving, let us understand what is hair weaving, its types, benefits, and cost.

What is Hair Weaving?

Hair weaving is an advanced non-surgical hair replacement technique which is majorly aimed at treating hair loss and baldness. It is entirely different from a hair transplant as hair weaving is a kind of wig that is non-surgically applied to the scalp of an individual. The added hair can be both human and synthetic. The human hair is obtained from haircuts of other individuals that possess good quality hair which is then processed and used.

People lose hair due to various diseases like alopecia. Hair weaving is a quick and temporary solution to overcome baldness. Hair weaving is completely useful and safe for both the genders. However, the type of treatment varies depending upon the type of hair texture and required looks.

Benefits of Hair Weaving

  • Retains or provides a natural look
  • Pocket-Friendly as compared to other hair treatments
  • Pain-less process
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • The remarkably quick solution to baldness
  • Large areas of scalp get easily covered

Hair Weaving Studio’s in Hyderabad provides various types of weaving techniques depending on the desired length or volume. However, there are only a limited variety of hairstyles to choose from, though you can customize your desired look based upon these hair weaving techniques. Some of the commonly used techniques are discussed below. You can pick the right one according to the desired look!


Bonding is the best-suited technique to add volume to your original hair. It is also used to add color streaks to your beautiful hair. To weave your hair, adhesives are applied along the tracks of the scalp to glue the hair along with the roots.

Tracking or Sewing In

In this type of hair weaving technique, original long locks of hair or tresses are smoothly braided into the scalp tracks. Depending upon the nature of weaving, the extent of track over the scalp is determined. It can be also used to cover the entire scalp area. For such conditions, the tresses are either sewed nets. The look can be customized by sewing the extensions with the braids along the tracks.


It is the best hair weaving technique as hair weaving through fusion provides a complete realistic appeal.

Net Weaving

In this method, the natural hair is covered with an extremely thin net layer to braid it. Wefts of hair are woven onto the net to carry out the net weaving treatment technique.

Cost of Hair Weaving in Hyderabad

There is a variety of hair treatment studio’s ranging from really expensive to budget-friendly ones. To get the best hair treatment, one has to spend quite a lot. But in the case of hair weaving, it is very reasonable as compared to hair transplant or other such treatments.

Is it worth it?

Hair Weaving in Hyderabad is an exemplary solution to address the issues of hair loss, thinning of hair and baldness. Not just that, it is also a cost reasonable technique to add length, growth, volume, and style to your hair. It redefines your hair beauty by providing lustrous locks and a perfect customizable styling blend to your look.

Hair Weaving is a really quick and reasonable technique that requires no surgery. It also adds the growth of tresses and emulsifies your hair roots. What else do you require to redefine your hairstyle? However, people do face issues like scalp itching, hair loss. These issues may be a result of either poor quality adhesives used while treating the hair or lack of maintenance after treatment. Proper maintenance corresponds to the precise use of advised hair care products advised by the stylist.

We provide hair weaving in Hyderabad with immense care and with great results. One can easily rely on such treatments when utmost care is taken to prevent even a minute flaw that may lead to any kind of hair damage.

How long can be it kept?

It entirely depends upon the technique used for the treatment and maintenance after it is done. It usually lasts long for a couple of months which is equitable for the amount you spend. Individuals trying out full head weaving must carry out the treatment after every couple of 2-4 weeks to ensure the best treatment to achieve the premium look at affordable prices. To make your weaved hair long-lasting, conditioning your hair prior and post the hair treatment is mandatory. Also, keep your tresses moisturized by using premium quality natural scalp oil regularly. The weaves are to be kept clean and nourished to add a better look. If your pocket supports affording a hairstylist, giving an occasional visit to ensure the hair care products you are using on a daily basis.

Why Pick Wigs Designs for Non-Surgical Hair Weaving Treatment?

Like kings and queens, we all love to wear our hair as the crown that can never be taken off our head. But with the onset of early or late hair fall and the hindrance caused in our hair care routine due to hectic life, the luscious crown is quite in danger. If you have been recently a victim of this danger then it is time that you took matters in your hand and win the case effectively.

There are many ways of getting your hair back on the head and that too in the way you have always desired. If you are thinking about surgery and shirking the opportunity then, make no mistake for this is completely a non-surgical hair regaining process. The best part being the immediate result and the surety that you have about your hair makeover even before the treatment is done.

What is Non-Surgical Hair Weaving Treatment?

The term non-surgical means that you need not fear any kind of skin incisions made on your head or any other part of your body. The hair weaving treatment may include a pair of scissors to cut-off extra extensions to get you, your desired cut and hair length. There are no surgeries with knives, doctors or whatsoever involved so take a deep breathe of relief and go for the non-surgical hair weaving treatment.

You might find the words non-surgical and weaving contradictory but rest assured although weaving and sewing are involved in the treatment, not one needle puncture can be felt on your skin during this treatment as the weaving is completely done on lacy hair net which has the same color as that of your scalp. This piece of fabric is pasted on your head and then the extensions are glued and sewed into the fabric. None of the needle pulls, touches your real scalp. So, the weaving is painless and thus absolutely non-surgical.

We at Wigs Designs have experienced hair weaving experts who are not only professionally qualified but have also been trained. You can check out the past works of our experts and we guarantee that no one client has not left the Wigs Designs smiling from ear to ear after a hair weaving treatment done by our experts.

Notes on Hair Weaving Treatment

  • We understand the concerns that you have while going-in for a hair weaving treatment. So, here are few notes on hair weaving and Hair Weaving Treatment that will help you and your train of thoughts regarding getting a hair weaving treatment reach a positive summit.
  • Hair weaving is a long term hair fixing procedure. It is cost-effective and also gets you an increased amount of hair for a longer period.
  • Make sure to check on the fabric that will be pasted on your scalp. It is essential that the color of the fabric matches the skin tone of your scalp and compliments the complexion of your body color. This assists you in getting a look that is completely natural and absolutely no difference can be seen or made by the naked eye.
  • The hair extensions that you choose to get are weaved on with strings of thread that look similar to the hair strands. This further ensures that the weaving completely blends in with the extensions and gives you a natural look.
  • With many improvements, in the hair weaving treatment, nowadays you can also weave in extensions without covering your whole head with fabric. This method helps to keep your natural locks in place while filling up the gaps in between with hair extensions.
  • At Wigs Designs not only you can find all varieties of hair extensions but also all the new improvised treatments of hair weaving. Weave in as much hair as you want and exactly on the bald patches without affecting any of your remaining natural hair strands. It also leaves space for the natural growth of your hair. These kinds of extensions have a small strip of fabric attached at the roots of the extensions. This strip of fabric comes with skin and hair-friendly adhesive. The extensions are then weaved on this small strip of fabric and blended in with your real hair.
  • Even if you are using natural human hair extensions on your head, you do not need to concern yourself about the greying or discoloration of the extended hair. We at Wigs Designs ensure that your hair weaving keeps on for the longest period and the extensions do not look dry or discolored after some time.
  • All the extensions are made to go through various treatment processes which also looks after the hygiene of the hair extensions. We know that you will be in constant contact with the extensions for a long period. So we ensure that our extensions are manufactured and processed and packed under complete surveillance of the experts and with utmost care and hygiene.

Aftercare at Wigs Designs

There are more reasons for choosing Wigs Designs for your hair weaving treatment. Not only have we offered the highest standards of hygienic treatments and extensions, but, also various aftercare services. You can easily set up your routine visit and we will give you a reminder call according to the settled schedule. Also, you can find all the hair care products at our salon so you need not vex yourself trying to find the best quality products at a reasonable price.

You will be attended by your chosen expert and stylist to dote on your hair weaving aftercare along with several offers and discounts on the services. Catering to the needs of our clients is our foremost responsibility and we at Wigs Designs are available at your call at your leisure. For aftercare, you only need to come in once in a while and get your weaved-in hair treated by the experts to maintain a long term association with your hair weaving at the most basic cost.

What to Expect When It Is About Non-Surgical Hair Weaving in Hyderabad at Wigs Designs?

Non-surgical hair replacement is a wonderful option for the hair loss whether it is in the early or a more advanced stage. The modern techniques are used for restoring hair gradually and when you want a denser and fuller head, Wigs Designs is the best place to reach out to.

Here’s what you can expect from Non-surgical hair weaving in Hyderabad. Here is a quick look.

Modern Techniques for Restoring Hair:

Modern techniques are used for restoring the hair gradually or rapidly. You can expect the use of the latest and the most advanced methods for restoring your hair. At Wigs Designs you can expect to get the finest of all results. The weaving techniques are fusion, netting, tracking, micro braiding, lace extensions and more. The technique is very helpful for the patients suffering from extensive balding.

Achieve a Completely Natural Look:

You can obtain a completely natural look with the help of hair extensions. Non-surgical hair weaving when done by the expert hands of Wigs Designs can help you obtain a perfect look. The people suffering from alopecia or complete hair fall can expect to get a ray of hope here for sure.

Get Complete Expert Guidance:

Hair weaving is not a permanent solution. Hair weave tends to get damaged with time and hair experts working in Wigs Designs can guide you through about their better care so that you can keep them looking as good as new for a long time and can prolong their lives. When you get your hair weaved here at Wigs Designs you can expect to get expert guidance about which hair-style type would suit your budget and personality. So, you can expect to have complete expert guidance here at Wigs Designs right from the hair specialists.

Strong Woven Hair:

Durable, strong woven hair is what you can expect to get from Wigs Designs. You can expect to get the best quality strong and woven hair from Wigs Designs. Hair weaves for varying length are easily available here at Wigs Designs and these woven hair are immensely popular among the ladies who love to style their hair. So, what you get from Wigs Designs is strong woven hair every time you come here.

Get Imported Quality, Natural Virgin Hair:

You can get the imported quality, natural virgin hair from Wigs Designs. The hair is exported from Brazil and Peru. The weave is all-natural and the finest quality is always assured. When you get your hair weaved at Wigs Designs you can get a natural bounce and can expect to have different hair-styles at different occasions.

Be at the Safe Hands:

Experts working at Wigs Designs are highly trained professionals. They are highly-qualified and well-trained. By their vast experience, they can do perfect justice with the job they take. In more than four decades of their being, they have always come up with the finest possible quality.

Guaranteed Hair-loss Solution Here:

You can get guaranteed solution for your hair-loss problems here at Wigs Designs. You can get a complete guarantee for sure. Not only the best type of hair weaving methods but the best hair clipping and hair replacement techniques are also available here. You can get guaranteed hair-loss solution from Wigs Designs and your hair are at safe hands. Even the most intricate hair bonding process is accomplished with complete ease.

More Durability and Affordable Rates:

You can get a perfect solution for your baldness or losing hair at Wigs Designs. You can get the most durable quality and the best rates here. There are so many competitors of the Wigs Designs in the market that claim of giving you the best deals but when you compare their rates from the rates of Wigs Designs you would always get quality here.

Get Hair Weaved Exactly a Celebrity or a Famous Personality:

Get your hair weaved exactly like a famous personality or celebrity when you come to the Wigs Designs you can get the hair weave exactly as you desire. All you need to do is just let the highly skilled professionals working here know what you need. You will get all the work done by them and can expect to have the hair-style of your expectation with ease.

Get the Best Value for What You Spend:

You can get the best value for what you spend when you get your hair weaved at Wigs Designs. All you need to do is to just get in touch with the experts of Wigs Designs. They will give you the best deals and with the festive season around the corner, you can avail some great offers.

When you want to look gorgeous but tired of your falling hair you should reach out to the expert professionals of Wigs Designs and you would get the kind of satisfaction that you have always looked for. Get the best hair weave of your choice from the Wigs Designs. It is a center for excellence and it is highly appreciated by the people who have sought its help.

If you want a hair-care buddy forever, there can be no better option than Wigs Designs. It is a one-stop solution for all your hair-care needs. The hair specialists working here swear by proficiency and hence the popularity of the hair care unit is growing by leaps and bounds.

Wigs Designs is the best hair-care provider from decades. So, if you are suffering from constant hair fall and fail to find respite, you can take help of the Wigs Designs. Look no further and do not think twice as going in for hair weaving from Wigs Designs can solve all of your hair fall problems. You can expect to look your best with dense, fuller and natural bounce of real human hair. Just get in touch with Wigs Designs today!

Hair Weaving Best Hair Loss Treatment!

A healthy set of hair that one can proudly own is every person's dream. And each one wants to have a head that is dense with long hair. This is equally true for both men and women and it is significant accessories that all need to possess. For men, it is more a matter of self-esteem and it adds a lot of personality to their character and enhances their overall look to a great extent. While there are men who flaunt baldness with style, but if you see most men prefer to have a cover of hair that can be carried with style. For men, balding is seen as a sign of aging and may not go too well with them.

There are many reasons why one suffers from baldness. Reasons could be attributed to lifestyle changes, hereditary problem or unhealthy eating habits. This is known to lead to hair fall in a lot of men and therefore leads them to seek medical help for the same. Similarly, hair loss in women is also a major concern of worry and can leave them feeling dejected and low. Hair for women is her crowning glory and an integral part of their personality. Each woman possesses a set of hair that gives her an identity and distinguishes her from the others. Some may have short while others possess long and lustrous hair that they can flaunt. Some women may own curly or wavy hair while others may have on a set of long and healthy-looking hair that is neatly braided into a plate.

Every human being whether young or adult, irrespective of their caste, gender, attaches a lot of importance to their hair and this particular aspect cannot be overlooked. Departmental stores are full of hair products that have a wide range to choose from. There is so much on offer that one may be left confused as to what is the best choice for them. These stores offer different kinds of products on hair for a different purpose. Products are specialized and are specifically used for requirements related to hair. There are multiple options available on hair color, maintaining your hair well and keeping them clean and healthy. You can also get some over-the-counter products on hair growth, but the authenticity of such products is debatable and cautions should be exercised while purchasing these products. It may come as a revelation that more than women, it is men who indulge in hair care products and use their hairstyle and growth and texture as compared to women.

The hair industry is growing multifold and with the kind of shampoos, gels, styling and hair care products, hairstyle equipment has taken the hair industry by storm. While it is a matter of vanity for most people, for some it may be a necessity due to the condition that their hair may be in and therefore require some amount of care and looking after. It is a vicious cycle and one needs to understand where to draw the line. It is always advisable to get products only after consultation from a medical practitioner or a hair expert.

Hair loss can be an intimidating experience and may leave one in a lot of misery. It can be shocking to discover a coin size bald spot appearing over the months and you may feel helpless about it. For many women, it is a matter of huge concern for many women when the spot a thick strand of hair being washed away every time taking a head bath. Many people take extra care and measures to prevent the onset of early bonding by restoring hair care products why self-analysis. Many people search to get hair replacement systems that may fit them accurately. The search is endless and can leave you mentally fatigued.

Emotional Effects of Baldness

As discussed earlier hair loss can take a toll on one's emotional wellbeing and leave them mentally exhausted. It can cause mental and physical agony and may dent your personality if immediate steps are not taken. Loss of confidence, humiliation amongst your social circle, embarrassment is some of the emotional side effects of suffering from this particular problem. Hair related problems are more than just vanity and can affect the emotional and physical wellbeing of a person.

It is important to understand why hair loss occurs and what could be the possible causes of the same. Hair loss is a normal process everyone faces with age. It is a normal occurrence and on average we lose about a hundred strands of hair in a day indulge in various activities such as combing hair, breathing them into or not and hair wash. With age, the growth of hair slows down to quite an extent and follicles become inactive. Shedding of hair in such a case is completely normal. If you see that you are suddenly losing hair due to certain unknown reasons then it may be a cause of worry and you should immediately consult a hair specialist regarding the same.

Causes for Hair Loss

Hair loss may not be as bad as it sounds. With the advancement in hair fixing procedures and availability of various techniques that can help fix hair condition in a big way, we need to understand the basics of hair get to know what possibly causes hair loss problem. The hair treatment is based on the type of hair and the causes of hair loss and therefore it is important to identify the same.

It would be alarming to know that you do not have a single strand of hair when you get up one fine day. While that is a hypothetical situation, losing hair can leave you worried. We mentioned earlier that hair loss can be a natural occurrence and only when it happens to an extent that is beyond one's control that you should get worried. There is something called the hair cycle that involves the growth of new hair after the old hair is shed. This continuous as it needs to replace the new old hair. Is also helps in the improvement of hair quality and promotes hair growth. The new haircut comes in maybe of texture and shine. A good and healthy diet and appropriate lifestyle will ensure good hair growth. But with age, our body's capacity to produce new hair decreases and we may start to experience hair fall and scanty hair growth. Hair comprises that part of the body system that includes skin and nails. It is primarily made up of Keratin which is a form of protein that is responsible for the composition of a strand of hair.

To counter hair related issues there are various treatments are available in the market. Baldness can also be addressed effectively with these surgical and non-surgical. Most of the circle on surgical treatment can be performed in a short duration of time the maximum amount of time that may be required to carry out a non-surgical treatment may involve anywhere between two to three hours induces a completely painless procedure. Non-medical care for aesthetic treatment is needed and you can see the results in a short period.

Some Of The Common Non-Surgical Treatments Are:

Hair bonding, hair weaving or hair fixing, hair extensions, Volumizer treatment that may help increase the density of the hair and make them look thicker. Wigs and hair fixtures are also a common part of the hair replacement system and very popularly used by many people. Laser hair stimulation is another such treatment that involves the activation of hair follicles to promote regrowth of hair.

Hair Bonding

The bonding of the silicon hair system into bald patches of the head is what hair bonding does. A new and fast catching trend that is widely used to restore the lost hair, one may make use of both synthetic and human hair that closely match the original hair in terms of color and texture. It makes use of imported custom made hair that is high in quality and a hundred percent close to the original hair. This type of hair system gives wide coverage and is a great way to regain the hair that you may have lost. It is mostly done on sides, around the hairline, the Crown area as well as any area that is almost bald.

Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is a technique that involves artificial integrations of the hair and is also popularly known as hair extension. This is done to treat the hair by giving them more volume and length. The procedure that is usually involved is clipping the hair strands together, gluing them with the help of either synthetic or human hair. The color and texture of the hair are first checked and identical hair is then taken. These should match the existing real hair accurately as this may otherwise not look very appealing.

Hair extensions are another way of adding volume and length to your hair. Hair extensions are made of real human hair and may be collected from a donor. These are high-quality hair extensions that give accurate results. These are usually clipped or glued to the existing human hair and instantly give long and lustrous looking hair that shines with health. They are very commonly known as hair extensions for weaves as they are woven into the hair strands. If you take good care of your hair while the hair extensions are on, it can increase the life of your hair system. There may be a risk of pulling or some amount of discomfort hair extension is not done properly. These are physically bonded and therefore taken while doing the procedure.

Hair Extensions

The problem of short hair, thin hair and dull hair is not new, these complaints are heard and discussed so many times. Many hairs care and hair growth products are failed to offered desire results and results from hair treatments are not up to the mark. But this generation is blessed with an alternate and best solution which will give desired density, length and color within no time at a very reasonable cost and that is hair extensions.

Hair extensions are now known to everyone and are loved by women very much. They are easily attached to accomplish desired hair density and size of hairs. The removal of hair extensions is simple and effortless. Availability in broad variety, reasonable rates, less expensive maintenance, natural appearance, a durable feature made hair extensions adorable.

Many women are plagued by the problem of dull, lifeless and extremely thin hair that lacks volume. In such cases, there is a treatment available instantly that brings bounce and health into your rather dull hair. The volumizing treatment makes use of a formula that instantly penetrates deep into the hair shaft and gives it much-needed moisture and strength. It helps in rebuilding the damaged hair and gives it a natural shine and luster. If you have colored your hair then this particular formula also helps in retaining the color and maintaining it well. It is advisable to undergo this treatment from an expert you will check for the quality of your hair and accordingly advice what is best.

Wigs are a very common form of hair treatment available for both men and women equally. One of the safest options that do not have any medical treatment involved, the kind of wigs that are made today is of exceptionally high quality and full proof. If you are wondering, that a wig is something that gives you a very artificial look and it may instantly be noticed, then you are mistaken. Wigs today are completely seamless and give a hundred percent cover for your baldness. They are highly undetectable are customized to perfection. This particular Quality of wigs helps them fitting well especially around the hairline and no possible sign of you wearing a big may be visible.

If you're looking for any of the above hair treatments as well as any kind of hair care solutions to your hair problems then we provide the best hair loss treatment that can assist you in overcoming your issues most amicably. Get in touch with us and get away with all your issues in no time.