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Wigs Designs for men and women is a leading manufacturer, exporter and trader of human hair and associated products since 1971. With great hard work, dedication and exertion since inception we have gained experience, strength and competence in Human Hair export industry.

Today having healthy hair is a boon, because of an increase in pollution and chemicals and unhealthy eating habits many people are facing hair loss problem around the world. Too much hair styling and avoiding hair fall at the initial phase is also a reason for baldness and hair loss. Hair fall can be treated at the beginning stage but once it crosses the limits can’t be controlled or regrow.

We Wigs Designs are one of the most trusted names in the industry when it comes to treating hair issues. We offer hair fixing, hair bonding and hair extensions in Bangalore and Hyderabad. We are actively engaged in fulfilling the demands of patrons by giving them optimum quality services and solutions. Our hardworking team always work delicately to enhance the quality of service and work round the clock for the smooth functioning of our business. We always welcome our valuable patron’s feedback in order to improve service quality.

We understand aging and baldness is common and can’t be avoidable that is why we brought reasonable and natural appearing treatments to hair loss which are non-surgical. Hair matters a lot for a look & personality of any person, we provide solutions to all your hair worries and guarantee that hair loss is no more a problem.

We are committed to giving personal consultation and customized solution to fulfill hair issue requirements and ensure client satisfaction. These solutions provide a natural look and the hair systems we use are fully undetectable to human sight and touch. We helped a number of people to realize that hair loss is no more an issue. Our aim is to satisfy customers and bring back smile on their face.

Bangalore is one of the budding cities in India and people from all over the country and sometimes even from abroad are lodging in the city for various purposes. The city offers both excellent educational and professional facilities in every field. The brilliant heads gathering at the city in hopes of a better lifestyle often faces a schedule that is not only very busy but also irregular leaving a lot less time to spare for oneself in turn. This affects the hair growth and often leads the beautiful tresses of yours to severe damage via issues like hair fall, hair thinning, receding of the hairline and a drop-down in hair quality. If you are affected by any kind of hair issues like that of those mentioned above then, your fretting days are over and now you can embrace any hectic routines that you have to run without having to worry about your hairs. Wigs Designs are a huge manufacturer and supplier of wigs and we make deliveries of all our real hair like looking wigs all over the city and even far away from the city suburbs.

Wigs might have not been your first choice at first as the taboo and ridicule that involved wearing a wig was quite a prevalent notion. But with an advanced beauty system, the concept of making and wearing wigs improved dramatically, now making wearing wigs the first choice for anyone who wants to gain hair with immediate effect. Here, is a look at the big world of wigs especially for you.

Particulars about Wigs

Wigs are available for purchase from our store both via online and offline mediums. But before you go to buy wigs it is essential to get your knowledge about wigs right. Here, are some particulars related to wigs for both men and women that will help you to make the top purchase for your wig requirements both for individual and commercial needs.

  • Different types of wigs are available in the market. So, when you go out to buy wigs you must take note of two factors that our wigs are made of artificial fabric materials which are made to look and feel like real hair, and wigs made out of donated or sold human hair.
  • Depending upon the raw material used to make the wig and the length and the size, the texture and the look of the wig also differ. Colored wigs are available too so if you want to get a wig different from your natural hair color you can easily buy a bleached wig and have it colored to your choice or buy a colored wig itself.
  • Nylons, synthetic and silk threads are used to make artificial hair wigs. Usually, these wigs are quite durable and very easy to handle. The threads are processed to look like hairs and then colored accordingly before being bunched up and turned into a wig
  • We at Wigs Designs, understand that the size of the head and the structure of the skull differs from person to person so we ensure to make all our wigs in Bangalore different sizes. The wigs are a perfect fit and if you want any customizations done in the size, you can easily call us up and our designers will make the wig perfectly according to your measurements.
  • The stands of human hair used for making wigs are normally from countries where the quality of hair is well-known. Places like Peru, India, Malaysia, Brazil, African countries and Asian countries are great suppliers of human hair. Human hair degenerates very slowly so it is an added plus point for wigs made put of human hair. We also take care to process the hairs with approved hair care ingredients to make sure that the hair stays free of infestations, smells, and tangles.
  • While you are out buying wigs ensure that your purchase is well-packaged. Usually, the wigs come in packets where the hairs can be laid out flat. Check for smell, tangles and any signs of infestations and immediately get the product replaced if there is any such damage. We guarantee that all our products are delivered perfectly and free of any kind of issue.

Making of Different Wigs

We make sure that all our wigs are made professionally with experts working on the designs, size charts and the sorting of the strands of both artificial and real hair. Wig making is an art and we understand this well. All our wigs are unique in both design and texture. We make sure that the wigs fit over all kinds of sizes of heads. We have advanced wig making machines where the strands of hair after being sorted by hand are processed through various hygienic stages. The hairs are then put into machines for making bunches. After similar textured and colored hairs are bunched together, those bunches are then put into separate machines for bleaching, coloring, and styling. The difference in wigs appears with its styling and coloring. Also, some of the wigs get their length chopped off even after styling. Wigs for both men and women are manufactured in the same, the only difference being the length and the size of the wigs. The hairs are sewn on to a lacy material with an elastic band and it provides the firm grip for the wig. The fabric used is in various tones of skin color to help make the wig and the hair parting look realistic. All our wigs are packaged through machines only and sealed and with our stamp.

You can get straight hair wigs, curly hair wigs, styled wigs, short and long hair wigs in both artificial and real hair. We also make wigs mixed with both real and artificial hairs on special demands. If you want wigs for commercial purposes, then you can put in your bulk order for the wigs and the designs and sizes you will need and we will make it as required. We purchase all our real human hair hulks from notable human hair dealers and we make sure that both the quality and the quantity of the hairs are not compromised with. We also ensure that all the human hair acquired are legal and only through willing sellers and donators.

When Can You Wear Wigs?

Hair fall or having thin hair is not the only time when you can wear wigs. Although wigs help you up to cover up for your lack of hair, you can also wear wigs if you have long luscious tresses or thick short hair. Wondering why? Here, are a bunch of answers to all your “whys?”

  • Wigs can be worn by anyone at any time. If you are suffering from hair loss due to various issues then wigs are your immediate painless solution for gaining back as much hair as you want on your head. But other than this you can also wear wigs if you want a change of hairstyle and do not want to cut off your normal growth of natural hair.
  • Hairstyling also involves using a good amount of styling products like hair gels and creams along with heating and curling tools. These things often harm our natural hair causing our hair to loosen up or get burned from too much heating. It often affects the pigmentation of our hair as well causing us to lose our real texture and color of the hair along with the shine. You can easily avoid all these by simply using pre-styled wigs. Or you can take a normal wig, wear it and then apply all your styling products and the tools to get the hairstyle you want without affecting your natural growth of hair even a little bit. This applies to both men and women.
  • You can wear a wig for a week or longer depending upon the type of wig you are using and the method that you are using to attach the wig on your head. Glam up your party makeup or your daily appeal with a new look owing to your new hairstyle without touching your natural hair.

The Various Methods in Which You Can Attach Wigs

Wigs can be attached over your natural hair in a multitude of ways. You can use adhesive to glue your wig over your head. You can also sew in your wig and get to keep the wig for a longer period. Or you can simply put the wig with elastic bands to fit the shape of your head and then secure the wigs with clips or glue as you deem right. You can also get the wigs attached with help from your professional hairdresser and get it styled and colored in the way you like. Wear your wig down in a flowing mass or wear it in a bun, all our wigs are easy to untangle and retain its shine for a long period even after you have worn it for a few times.

Charms of Wearing Wigs

Wearing wigs has now become a trend that is being followed by ardent followers and lovers of fashion world-wide. Wigs have now become an easy substitute for anyone who wants to change his or her hairstyle in only a blink of an eye. No waiting for months on end, no cutting of hair or any need to go through painful hair therapies and transplants. Get the texture and the style you want for your hairstyle along with the length and color you fancy with only a swish of your fingers. Also, you can save a lot of expensive hair treatment with only a few purchases of wigs. If you are a rider and have to wear your helmet most of the time then, you can consider wearing a wig to ensure that your natural hair is not affected and you get to maintain your hairstyle as well.

Why Choose Our Wigs?

If you are considering the reasons as to why make your purchase of wigs from us then find mentioned below all the advantages of choosing wigs manufactured by us.

  • We are a well-known name in Bangalore for wigs. We manufacture and supply wigs on personal as well as commercial demands. You can order for a bulk amount of wigs for your commercial distribution from us and get guaranteed on-time delivery to all the addresses that you have provided for delivery.
  • All the hairs used in making wigs out of real human hair are collected and shipped by experts only after thorough checking of all the hair strands. Artificial raw materials for making artificial hairs are also shipped in from the best places to manufacture the best quality artificial wigs.
  • We also make customized and handmade wigs. If you want a certain design and a handmade wig then, you can contact our executives and put in your request for the same. We make these special wigs on request and you can stay in touch with the manufacturing and the designing process from the start.
  • The variety of wigs in Bangalore our collection will take your breath away in an instant. You can easily choose the style and color and make your purchase. We also have trial wigs for you to try out before you buy the wig or wigs.
  • For commercial orders, we at Wigs Designs have a quick legal process of signing contracts that expedites your delivery of the wigs and ensure that your business does not face any hindrance due to some paperwork. We also have various offers for bulk deliveries and you can easily avail of any ongoing offer to further cut down on your final payments.

For commercial orders, we at Wigs Designs have a quick legal process of signing contracts that expedites your delivery of the wigs and ensure that your business does not face any hindrance due to some paperwork. We also have various offers for bulk deliveries and you can easily avail of any ongoing offer to further cut down on your final payments.

The best part of buying wigs from us is that you can choose the designs of the wigs even if you are ordering a bulk delivery and all the wigs are very reasonable prices. We also have offers for individual requirements. Be it a single delivery or a bulk delivery, you can trust Wigs Designs to deliver at your given place at the given hour with a completely free of charge delivery service. Call Wigs Designs we are leading wigs manufacturer and wigs suppliers in Bangalore.

Best Quality Hair Wigs at Wigs Designs

Are you looking for good quality wigs at affordable prices? Did you just give away the effort because you are not able to find the right type and quality? Read on as we tell you how important it is to have a wig that offers a great fit and is stylish at the same time.

Wigs Designs has been in the business of wigs for a long time to come and offers the best quality wigs that cater to a wide client base. Our specialized wigs are purely custom made and fit as per the individual need of a client.

What makes our wigs the best in quality?

We offer wigs that are prepared for hair loss and they can give you best look and make you feel confident and this, in turn, makes the process less traumatic for you. We respect the reason why you may be needing a wig and offer it as per your requirements. We take a hair swatch that has a representative sample of your hair color so that we can match the wig to your hair color and complexion to the best.

We make wigs by determining the size of your head.

Most women would wear an average size hairpiece cap, but we also offer petite or large-cap options for those who have a slightly bigger or smaller frame. We take an accurate measurement of your head and this is what helps us make it to perfection. While trying on wigs of varied sizes you may realize that most hair caps either are too big or too small when tried on. This is another hint that you may be outside of the regular wig range and therefore customization is easy.

Another reason what makes our wigs best is that we help you choose the style of your wig. When it comes to your hairstyle that you know the best. While we do have some hair experts give you expert advice on what might suit personality, we feel that it is equally important you give your valuable inputs. Starting from layers, straightened look to bobs or Blunt, you name it and we offer the style.

It is important to know which cap is most appropriate for you. We, therefore, offer a varied kind of hair caps that you can choose from. Machine-made caps are quite popular and vested hair well in place. Monofilament and hand-tied caps are also available that slightly expensive option but give the hair well in place and offer good density.

Each wig comes with varied color choices and you can easily match one that is close to your hair color and complexion. Indian skin tone is usually side and therefore most people prefer shades of dark brown and black. Selecting a color is not easy often takes a lot plan to narrow down on the right color. Our experts help you choose the best color for your wig by offering sound advice and reference in terms of images of client usage. We have a wide range of shades to choose from and also offer some sample wigs that you can try to narrow down on the best color.

Because of the high price, a lot of people are hesitant about purchasing good quality wigs. But when it comes to wigs, our wigs are worth every penny and we have both human hair as well as synthetic hair wigs.

These are the two basic hair wigs to choose from. Synthetic hair wigs are usually made from fiber hair and have certain distinct features of their own.

Each of these hair types has its pros and cons. let us see how human hair is a better option and what makes them the best quality wigs at Wigs Designs.

They are a great choice and quite affordable to wear, contrary to popular belief. Human hair offers a more natural look and this is what makes it more in demand. Synthetic hair is a more budget-friendly choice though.

The majority of human hair comes from India and China and although some European quality human hair is also available and is easier to style as compared to Asian human hair. Religious pilgrim tonsure or shaving of hair due to religious beliefs has been quite prevalent in India the major sources from where human hair is obtained to be transformed into impeccable and stylish wigs. These hairs are sold further for use in making wigs.

The human hair wig industry is a lucrative billion-dollar market that uses various means and ways of making wigs that can cater to every demand.

When you are choosing a human hair wig, consider your options carefully. It is important to choose a hairpiece that fits perfectly. Here are some of the benefits of human hair.

Human hair wigs sell more than others and this is for the simple reason that quality is what matters. Therefore important for buyers to show concern for the quality of hair. Human hair wigs by all means offer the best quality hair wigs.

There is nothing better than flaunting a human hair wig that is almost like a natural set of hair that is completely seamless.

They offer a natural appearance and one may not be able to guess if a person is wearing a wig or not. The hair looks soft and real and has a luster that shines with health. This is greatly due to the quality of human hair come from Asian hair. You have the ease to style them the way you like and that is what attracts many women to natural human hair wigs.

Points To Consider Buying Any Kind Of Wig.

Human hair or synthetic hair wigs, both are subject to damage if proper care is not taken. Consider some maintenance tips for increasing the life span of human hair wig. See that the hair is as close to your natural hair color. With price comes expectations and therefore you must see to it that you get the best quality as per price. Good quality wigs offer more price because of their excellent quality and are more comfortable to wear and have more breathability. After all, when you want the best quality there should be no compromise.

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